Friday, February 27, 2015

Fradoo ABC

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone ! =)

I was searching for a good ABC the other day and i found this one ABC that is really famous lah among the bloggers. I know there is a lot of delicious ABC out there, but since this gerai ABC very near to my place, so i came there and tried their ABC. I went there on 2nd of February. Cerita dah basi, terima jelah erk.

I still can feel the taste right now, erghhhh i want it again !!!

And it was extremely delicious. I don't know lah what will you guys feel about that ABC. For me it was quite unique since i never had ABC with chocolate cream on it. Never. So when i tasted the ABC, it felt so damn good i tell ya.

So you better try lah jangan banyak songeh. Plus the price is crazily cheap. RM 3.50 only. Aiyooo.

Forgot to mention, the gerai ABC that i was exaggerated just now, is Fradoo ABC. It is located in Shah Alam. Use the GPS or Waze lah to go there. I don't know how to explain where the gerai located since i also use waze to go there. But it is very near to Masjid Shah Alam yang cantik itu.

Went there with the same people. My adik lelaki supposedly at his school but due to his condition where he always got sick, so he got cuti. Cuti sekolah dia bagi tak macam sekolah lain tau. Sekolah dia kata, selagi tak sihat, selagi tu jangan balik, berehat lah dulu kat rumah. Isn't that amaaaaazing ? Y'all rarely seen him in my blog or anywhere since he only cuti twice a year. Raya haji and Raya Aidilfitri. So that is why lah. Kalau balik rumah pon, mesti sakit lah tu. Itu jelah alasan supaya dia dapat balik rumah. Eh tetibe sesi mengumpat adik lelaki ke ? Lulz.

My one and only adik lelaki. Dua dunia kita berbeza

Before i came there, i called the owner kot whether he opened his stall or not. Lulz.

So sesape yang nak try rasa Fradoo ABC nie sedap ke idak bak kata village people sorang nie, korang ambik ini alamat then guna waze untuk ke sana. Takpon tanya jelah orang-orang dekat situ, confirm depa tahu punya.

Stall No 14, Medan Selera Seksyen 2, Seksyen 2, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor 
Call number : 012-3989741

Balik tu, diriku singgah sat solat isyak dekat Masjid Shah Alam yang serba indah itu. Untuk pengetahuan korang, even aku nie orang Selangor, tapi tak pernah sekali pon aku jejakkan kaki ke masjid itu. Tekezut tak ?

Ouhh tak terkejut erk ? Okey kita teruskan.

Beautiful Masjid Shah Alam, photo doesn't do the courtesy for sure. 

Aku memang dari dulu teringin datang sini tapi tak datang-datang. So bila ada kesempatan macam nie, haruslah diriku ambil kesempatan ini dengan rakus sekali. Nama pon ambil kesempatan kan. Mestilah kena rakus. Lulz

Then suddenly when you want to take the wudhuk, you see this beautiful wall covered with marmar. So why not kita abadikan kenangan di sini kan. Abadikan kenangan. Ko ghase ?

Then we decided to pose something that is very over the top. 
But then, they only made me look very weird. Thanks guys !

Close enough Zharif.

And that was it. Kisah makan ABC. Ko ada ? See ya !